What You Can Do (Part 1): Landowners

If you own land in the sagebrush sea, there is a lot you can do to help. 40% of sage-grouse live on private lands, and most of those lands are ranches. There are tremendous resources available to help ranchers come out ahead by doing the right thing for conservation. Sometimes that means people coming out to help remove juniper or tag fences, sometimes it means dollars to create conservation easements. The place to find out what's available for you is the Sage Grouse Initiative. The program puts NRCS Farm-bill money into partnerships across the 11 sagebrush states. Click here to jump directly to their landowner site and see what they can do for you. 

If you don't own land in the sagebrush sea — stay tuned. There will be more information coming about what the rest of us can do from afar.

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