The Sagebrush Sea on PBS / NATURE

Mark your calendars and set your DVRs for Wednesday, May 20 at 8pm Eastern / 7 Central! We’re thrilled to announce that our first full-length film will have a national airing on the award-winning PBS series Nature. The producers at WNET chose our film out of myriad submissions, and that’s not just good news for the film — it’s even better news for sage-grouse.

The sagebrush sea is prime real estate for development: vast, open, and largely considered to be empty. And sage-grouse — widespread, sensitive, and declining — have been on the front lines of this clash for space and resources. The grouse have garnered a fair share of attention in recent months, but not all press is good press. The image in the media is that of a goofy chicken living in a barren expanse, and generally getting in the way. But with sage-grouse conservation quickly becoming the focus of one of the most far-reaching environmental debates in decades, a national platform allows us to contribute to a critical dialogue at a critical time: grouse, and the nuanced, diverse ecosystem in which they play a key part, are worth understanding and appreciating.

Keep an eye on this blog for more things you can do to help, but for now: tune-in on May 20th, and get your friends to tune-in with you! Raising awareness and regard, yours and others, is one of the easiest ways you can help sage-grouse from afar.